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Bronx Divorce Lawyer

Family Lawyer Serving the Bronx, New York

If you are considering a divorce in the Bronx or have divorce-related or family law issues for which you need knowledgeable legal counsel, having an experienced and dedicated attorney preparing and handling your case is imperative. Because of the legal complexities and emotional tensions involved in divorce and family law matters, it is always in your best interests to get competent legal advice and representation to ensure that your rights are protected, your best interests advanced, and that legal solutions are found that you can live with well into the future. Divorce and family law issues can impact your life, your family relationships, and your finances for years to come.

That is why we recommend that you contact our firm to arrange a legal consultation with Wayne F. Crowe, Jr. as soon as possible. Attorney Crowe has been a member of the New York bar since 2006, has practiced divorce and family law exclusively, and is dedicated to providing you with the personalized attention you need and deserve. Our firm is aware of the difficulties and challenges involved in divorce and divorce-related matters such as child custody and visitation and we take every measure to help smooth the way. Our attorney's sole interest in your case is to arrive at the best outcome possible. Speak with a member of our legal team today to see what the Law Firm of Wayne F. Crowe, Jr., PC can do for you.

Do you need a powerful family attorney?

Our firm handles a wide range of family law matters, and we can help protect your rights and interests all divorce matters. Whether you are in the midst of a contested or uncontested divorce, or a legal separation, we can provide the knowledgeable and strategic advocacy you deserve when pursuing matrimonial actions. We serve our clients with effective and caring representation during negotiations and proceedings for property division and spousal support, and we can even assist you in seeking an order of protection.

Protecting Your Loved Ones

At the Law Firm of Wayne F. Crowe, Jr., PC, we understand that nothing is more important than your relationship with your children, and our team will fight adamantly to ensure your rights as a parent are protected. Our team can advocate on your behalf before the family court if you are in involved in a dispute about child custody, child support, or visitation. When your family is experiencing this stressful and potentially frightening situation, you should be confident that your attorney will do everything in their power to make the process as fast and simple as possible.

For many families, mediation allows divorcing couples to negotiate on the many legal issues that must be decided in divorce proceedings, all the while addressing the matters privately. We offer mediation services for those who wish to reach settlement agreements outside the courtroom; this saves time, legal expense, and the adversarial nature of divorce litigation. If you are unsure what actions are best for your family, do not hesitate to speak with our firm. We can discuss some of the frequently asked questions posed by those experiencing divorce and family law issues in New York. To find out how mediation works, we recommend that you visit page.

Consult with a Bronx Divorce Lawyer

Divorce, post-divorce issues, and the details surrounding the dissolution of one's marriage can be thorny matters in which the parties involved can lose sight of what is in the best interests of all concerned, including children. Our divorce attorney will ensure that you understand all of the legal consequences and ramifications of the decisions you make and the case you present in handling your divorce. Knowledge is power and informed decisions can only be made when one receives objective, practical, and specific information. That is what you will receive when you work with our capable and dedicated attorney.

The Law Firm of Wayne F. Crowe, Jr., PC is located at: 909 Sheridan Avenue, Office 3, Bronx, NY 10451. Give us a call today at 347-244-6631 to discuss your family law related matter.

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