Signs of Parental Alienation


Parental alienation syndrome is what happens to a child that has been manipulated by one parent to hate another. When one parent feels particularly vengeful against the other, he or she might try and manipulate his or her children into rejecting the other parent. If you’re a parent going through a divorce and you notice your child has begun to regard you with hate, fear, and rejection, he or she might be experiencing parental alienation syndrome.


It’s normal for children to be angry and upset at both parents during a divorce, but if these emotions are disproportionately directed at you, this could be a sign your ex is making the situation worse.

More Details

Usually, it’s inappropriate to discuss the intimate details about the reason for the divorce with the kids. For example, if one parent was having an affair, a young child shouldn’t really be informed too much about it. However, if your child gives any indication he or she is aware of especially sensitive aspects of the divorce, your spouse may be discussing them with your kid.


If your child is reluctant to visit, or your ex gives the child the option to participate in court-ordered visitation, this is usually indicative of an attempt to alienate you from your child.

Undermining Authority

If your ex is allowing your child to do something you wouldn’t allow, this creates a sense of discrepancy in parenting duties that might pit your child against you. It’s important to address these concerns, so both parents encourage respect and obedience in both households.

Failure to Communicate Effectively

Each parent is responsible for informing the other of necessary information regarding the child’s life. If your ex fails to notify you of a significant event, for example, and you miss that event as a result, it could affect your relationship with your child.


Manipulative parents will attempt to use their kids as spies on their ex. If your ex knows more about your life than he or she should, it’s possible your ex is inappropriately involving your child in the divorce aftermath.

Property Control

A controlling parent might try to prevent his or her child from bringing a piece of property into your home. This denial creates an unfair and unnecessary rift that could lead to parental alienation.

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