Social Media and Divorce


As of this year, the population was 7.476 billion, and 2.789 billion of those individuals are active social media users. People who use social media sometimes constantly update their friends and families with their day-to-day lives, which can be especially tempting during a divorce. The divorce process is only sometimes an amicable event. For other couples it can be a source of grief, disappointment, and anger. When people vent about their divorce on social media, it can often backfire.

Ever since social media became a popular pastime, divorce attorneys have been using social media accounts on behalf of their clients. If a lawyer suspects evidence can be found of, for example, an infidelity, he or she can ask the court to subpoena a person’s social media account to use as evidence.

In another example, if a spouse claims he or she doesn’t have a lot of money to offer for alimony but his or her social media shows the spouse taking an expensive vacation, the judge is unlikely to believe that person. Likewise, the deceit is also just as unlikely to work in the spouse’s favor, so the other spouse might wind up with more assets or alimony payments after the divorce is finalized.

Likewise, some people might create a dating account to start exploring romantic possibilities during the divorce process. While this is allowed, an attorneys might check this site to see if the spouse is lying about his or her marital status, parental status, or finances.

The best thing to do if you’re going through a divorce is to avoid social media completely until it is finalized. This can be difficult but will keep you from posting potentially harmful things online that your spouse’s attorneys can use against you in court.

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