How to Talk to Your Fiancé About Getting a Prenuptial Agreement


Asking for a prenuptial agreement can easily make both parties feel uncomfortable if it is approached the wrong way. It might inspire feelings of doubt regarding whether or not the marriage will last and many tend to think of it as a guaranteed romance killer. However, a prenuptial agreement can be beneficial to both parties by safeguarding their respective financial futures. You will probably never use your prenuptial agreement, but in the event that the happily ever after you envisioned does not last forever, you will be glad that the two of you agreed to create one.

How do you go about bringing up this controversial topic? First of all, should absolutely not wait until the last possible second. You do not want your future spouse to feel like you are trying to catch him or her off guard. Have the conversation early, so you can take your time with it.

Talking About a Prenuptial Agreement

You want a prenuptial agreement and want to approach this discussion as tactfully as you can, so that your fiancé can feel safe and reassured. We have some tips that will set this conversation on the right path.

Here are some tips to approach your fiancé about getting a prenuptial agreement:

  • Let your fiancé know that you can create it together: People are often wary of prenuptial agreements because they are afraid it will only serve the interests of one party. Let your fiancé know that you wish to create your prenuptial together, so both of your concerns are addressed and no one’s needs are being ignored. Working together on your prenuptial agreement will also be a bonding experience that will help the two of you understand each other better.
  • Assure your fiancé that this does not mean you expect your marriage to end: The biggest fear that is associated with a prenuptial agreement is that asking for one means you have little faith in your future marriage. Keep in mind that this is just a safety net, much like the insurance you might buy for a phone in the event that it gets lost or damaged. You hope that these worst-case scenarios never happen, but that does not mean you should not be adequately prepared for them.
  • It is in both of your best interests: In the event that you do get a divorce, the process can be expensive, time-consuming, and heart-wrenching. A prenuptial agreement cannot address every key issue in a divorce, but it will at least take care of property, asset, and debt division. Moreover, since you will be drafting your agreement during a time of peace, you will likely both be looking out for each other’s interests. In a divorce, you might be so angry with one another that you will be unwilling to make fair compromises.

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