Getting Through the Workday During Your Divorce


If you are going through a divorce, chances are it occupies your thoughts throughout much of the day. Unfortunately, this can deeply affect your productivity level at work, resulting in serious complications in your professional life. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your mind from wandering during the divorce process that will allow you to focus during the workday.

Staying on Track

The divorce process is an emotional experience for many. Spouses often experience a spectrum of emotions, including anger, sadness, relief, and fear. Although these feelings are perfectly normal, they will hinder your ability to stay on task at work, so it is important to keep them in check instead of allowing them to disrupt your day.

You might also want to consider telling your boss about your impending divorce without diving into the details of what caused it. Discuss how it might impact your work schedule and be honest if you believe you might need any assistance with your workload.

Here are some tips that will help you stay focused:

  • Do not address divorce-related messages at work: Unless something is an emergency and requires your immediate attention, you should postpone addressing any divorce-related messages until you are off work. Let your attorneys know that you would prefer to communicate about your divorce when you are not on the job.
  • Take on more projects: Instead of lessening your workload, you might want to take on more projects to keep your mind busy. The more you have on your plate, the less time you will have to think of your divorce.
  • Do not tell everyone about it: Although it is often advisable to inform your boss about the divorce, you should be more careful about sharing this news with your co-workers. Otherwise, you might walk into work and find yourself greeted with a flurry of questions regarding the progress of your divorce. No matter how much you want to talk about your divorce, work is not the time or place for it. The more you talk about it, the less you will be able to concentrate on your job duties.
  • Reorganize your workspace: Not everyone works at a desk, but if you do, now would be the time to reorganize it and remove any mementos that remind you of your spouse. If you have any pictures of the two of you together or souvenirs from destinations you visited together, take them home. Wherever you decide to put them, make sure they are not at work where they can easily distract you. Replace these items with objects or photos that make you feel happy or calm.
  • Boost your mood when you need to: You likely cannot take a break whenever you feel down, so try to find quick little ways to boost your mood that will not slow your progress at work. Listen to a song you like, or watch a 2-minute video on YouTube that makes you laugh. Find something that can give you a quick mood boost and then get back to work.

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