Resolving a High-Conflict Divorce


Even at its best, divorce is hard. Unfortunately, the majority of divorcing couples very rarely experience the good, if at all. Not until people are free from their ex-spouse do they look back on the journey with gratitude, acknowledging the struggles they endured. If you are dreaming of the day to be free of the confines of your marriage but fear your road to independence will not be easy, you may be headed for a high-conflict divorce.

High-conflict divorces are born out of numerous situations, though they primarily stem from unhappy spouses who do not want to end the relationship. They also occur when one or more parties are seeking revenge for the demise of the relationship. Regardless of the root of the problem, high-conflict divorces almost always manifest the same way: either party refuses to agree to any terms and instead exaggerates his or her demands, dragging on the process for as long as they can. This vindictive and difficult approach is in hopes of breaking down the other person’s spirit and simultaneously get as much as they can out of the marriage.

Don’t Be Discouraged

At one point in the process, you may feel extremely defeated about fighting for your rights. An aggressive or argumentative divorce can rob you of so many things, especially your drive and energy to pursue the things you deserve. However, you cannot let your vision be clouded by your ex’s distract and delay tactics. Remember, you are doing this for a reason. Life post-divorce is guaranteed to be a respite from the current chapter of your life.

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