Am I Obligated to Tell My Boss About My Divorce?


Divorce is a very personal, emotional experience, and you may not feel much like talking about it with anyone. Although you are not obligated to inform your boss of this life-altering decision, it is still in your best interest that you divulge this information. Keep in mind that your divorce will likely cause a bit of disruption in your life and you may have to miss some time to attend court or mediation sessions, depending on the path you choose to end your marriage. If your boss is aware of what you are going through, you may receive some accommodations that can make your professional life easier.

That said, it is natural to have some concerns about professionalism when having this conversation, so we compiled some tips that will assist you.

Discussing Your Divorce with Your Boss

When you bring up the topic of your divorce with your boss, the key to keeping this conversation professional is to avoid being confessional. Your boss does not need to know what led to your divorce or any of the details of your spouse’s behavior. No matter how friendly you are with your boss, you should do your best to focus on how your divorce may potentially affect your job. If you are aware of any future court dates or mediation sessions, provide this information. If you think you will have to lighten your workload or reduce your obligations, be honest. The more your boss knows what to expect from you, the smoother things will go.

That said, although it is fair to expect a little bit of understanding from your employer, you should not use your divorce as an excuse for failing to perform at work. There will still be consequences for not doing your job, so keep up with your duties, and do what you can to remain focused and alert at work.

Although it is wise to tell your boss about your divorce, you should consider keeping this information from your co-workers. Otherwise, they may regularly ask you about it. No matter how well-meaning their questions about your divorce may be, bringing up this sensitive topic at work will likely distract you from the task at hand.

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