What You Need to Know About Post-Divorce Modifications


The terms of your divorce are not completely set in stone. While it is highly unlikely you will successfully modify property and asset division unless fraud was somehow involved in the initial decision, you can potentially modify child custody, child support, and spousal support if you can prove a significant change in your circumstances. In cases where children are involved, you must also prove that the modification will continue to serve their best interests.

Before taking matters such as these to court, it would be best to discuss the matter with your former spouse first. If you can agree on a modification, this can save you some time in court. Of course, not all former spouses are on friendly enough terms to accomplish this, so if you are unable to work out an agreement, you must petition the court for a modification.

Requesting a Post-Divorce Modification

Generally, if you wish to modify support, whether it be child support or spousal support, you must prove that something in your financial situation substantially changed. For example, if you involuntary lost your job, a judge would likely consider this a significant enough change to grant a reduction in your support payments. Your spousal support payments may also be eliminated if your former spouse remarries. It may also be reduced or eliminated if your former spouse cohabits with a new partner.

Child custody is not as easy to modify since family courts believe stability and consistency are crucial in a child’s life and disturbing the routine does not serve a child’s best interests. To successfully obtain a modification of your child custody arrangement, you must not only prove that there was a significant change in the situation since the order was created, but you must also prove that this change is in the child’s best interests.

Below are some circumstances in which a judge will modify child custody:

  • One of the parents is moving
  • The family’s situation changed
  • The child’s residence is no longer safe
  • The current custody order is not being complied with
  • One or both of the parent’s work schedules changed, making the current arrangement difficult to follow
  • The child is older and has different needs

You will need several documents to show how drastically your circumstances changed and how the modification you are requesting will benefit your child.

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